Ethos And Values

The principles we live by at Highbury Quadrant are: 

  • to respect one another and listen to each other
  • to empower everyone to achieve their potential
  • to provide a challenging and creative learning environment
  • to encourage responsibility for one’s own actions
  • to encourage every child and adult to be proud of who they are

Our  core values of respect, achievement and positivity are a fundamental part of our school life and
the school creed expresses it very well:

Highbury Quadrant Primary School Creed

This is our school

Let it be a peaceful place

Let our rooms be full of happiness

Let love be all around

Love of each other,

Love of people everywhere,

Love of life and

Faith in our beliefs

We know that our school is more than just a building

Our school is the hearts and minds of us all.

Thank  you