Working With Parents

At Highbury Quadrant staff are committed to providing a high quality education to your child, and constantly improving their learning.

We aim to work in positive collaboration with parents/carers in the best interests of their children and to deal with any issues that may arise in a prompt and professional manner.

Parents have a right to expect the best for their children and they have a right to express their concerns but, at the same time, teachers and pupils must be allowed to work and learn in a safe and secure environment.

Parents have the right to have their concerns addressed within 48 working hours.

Parents are encouraged to liaise with the class teacher initially, outside teaching hours at a time mutually agreed. The next step would be to arrange a meeting with the relevant Phase Leader which can be arranged by calling the school office.

  • No parent will approach a child other than their own about a concern.
  • No parents will address their concerns directly with other parents.
  • All issues must be raised direct with the school.
  • Raised voices, aggression, swearing, or threatening behaviour towards staff, pupils or other parents will result in immediate termination of the meeting/or in removal from the premises.
  • In serious cases the police may be called.

In the event of raised voices, aggression, swearing or threatening behaviour, parents will be warned that a repeat of their behaviour will result in a ban from the school site.

In the event of a repeat of behaviour, the Headteacher will write to the parent imposing a ban from the school site. The ban will range in length depending on the seriousness of the behaviour.

During the Corina Virus epidemic of C19 we respectfully request that all parents wear a mask or face covering when visiting school, including at drop off and collection times.


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Reviewed: September 2022