Challenge: Design the KS2 Playground

We are delighted to inform you that Highbury Quadrant Primary School and Highbury Quadrant School Association (HQSA) have formed a working party to improve the KS2 playground. Our aim is to create a dynamic space where children can gather, play, share ideas and build a sense of community. A member of the working party met with the school council. Together we devised this challenge to give everyone the opportunity to have their say. We will use your feedback to inform our proposal for funding. Thank you for your continued support.

How will we improve the KS2 playground?

Bronze star: Discuss your ideas for improving the playground at home and in school. Make notes of these discussions.

Silver star: Write a plan or draw a diagram to show your ideas. You could include photographs or make a collage.

Gold star: Make a 3D model of your KS2 playground with labels or a key.

Challenge: Show your plan, diagram or model to your classmates and record what they say. You could make a pictogram or chart.

You have two weeks to complete this challenge. Please return it to your class teacher on Friday 24th June 2017.

Good luck!