Cooking Curriculum Map

Year group Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Nursery Fruit Salad Pancakes Porridge
Reception Oats Pancakes Fruit Smoothie
Year 1 Rock Buns Crunchy Salad Bread Making (topic – fractions)
Year 2 Fairy cakes Scones Hummus
Year 3 Fried plantain (Black History) Spring Rolls Bruschetta tomato+basil
Year 4 Caribbean Fruit Salad/Red Bean Burger (topic – Black History Month) Pancakes Spring Rolls
Year 5 Ratatouille Kele Wele Tropical Fruit Salad (topic – countries)
Year 6 Spanish Tortillas Éclair cakes Chelsea Buns (topic – running a business, budgeting)

Visit the Food A Fact of Life website to watch videos demonstrating the ‘bridge hold’, the ‘claw grip’, grating and peeling techniques


Every year group has at least three cooking sessions per year. If you have any further questions, please speak to your child’s class teacher or email PSHE and Healthy School Lead Ania: