On the 18th of November 2016 five year five children from each class went to Highbury Grove School, and we went to an anti-bullying conference where we joined five other schools.

We first did a activity on different tables people did different things to do with bullying.

On the table that I was on, we investigated racist bullying. So the woman who was on that table, showed us some pictures of different famous people

LILY Confidence Class

We presented this poem, and won £50 worth of book tokens:

Jeremy : I’ve been left so many times,

I start to wonder,

Why do I try?

I feel so left out,


I try telling teachers,

But something stops me,

It will only get worse,


Esther: I don’t care what people say,

I will bully all day,

I am the bully,

The big man,


I have so much pain,

So why should I suffer again?


Victoria: I saw the victim all alone,

I asked if they wanted to play,

They shook their head and said “go away.”

All I wanted to say was you look nice today.


Brianna: I thought I’d tackle this in another way,

By saying you should be kind today.

Why should you be a bully?



Arda: My words touched the bully’s heart,

But bounced off the victim,

Every day I will chant positive kind words,

Until they reach the victim’s heart.