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 Spring Tea Party

The Highbury Quadrant School Association Spring Tea Party will take place in the KS1 playground on Wednesday 29th March, from 3:30 to 5:00pm. We are inviting all Parents/Carers and staff to attend their annual end of term Spring Tea Party. There will be games, storytelling sessions and much more. Raffle tickets are available from HQSA representatives outside the main entrance in the mornings before school.

An invitation to talk

As Highbury Quadrant Governors we think that it is important that you get the opportunity to meet us and raise any issues, make any suggestions that you might have about the school.

In order to achieve this we would like to offer you the opportunity to pop in to school and speak with us.

The dates listed below are the occasion when a school Governor will be available. You do not need to make an appointment or book in advance, just pop in and let us know you would like to chat.

We can be found in the ‘intervention room’ on the dates set out below:

  • Wednesday 18th March 2016 PM
  • Tuesday 17th May 2016 AM
  • Friday 17th June 2016 PM


Highbury Quadrant School Association (also known as the PTA) are an elected board of parents who work tirelessly to support the school and its community. The key activities are fundraising, planning celebration events for the children and working with the school leadership team to improve the school facilities.

We are always in need of more support, ideas and volunteers with some time to give. Click below to get in touch if you think you would like to become involved.


Who wants to join our school PTA?
Who wants to join our school PTA?
What is it for? You say, backing away.
The short answer is fundraising, pennies and pounds –
The school’s tight stretched budget can’t always go round.
We buy extra resources, for learning and play,
To enrich and enhance our children’s school day.

Who wants to join our school PTA?
What do you do? You gingerly say,
Well, we run Christmas Disco’s & Easter Events
but we would like to do more!
We serve teas and coffees at most school events,
On baking cakes and biscuits much time is spent.
Our Christmas Extravaganza, is for us the best bit,
Serving food for children, Music & inviting Santa to visit.

Who wants to join our school PTA?
Is it all mothers’ meetings? You nervously say.
It’s true that we chatter at the school gate,
Lots of business gets sorted around half past eight
But we really are a very mixed bunch,
Business people, professionals, and ladies that lunch
You don’t have to be female to be part of our club…

So, who wants to join our School PTA?
I’ve heard it’s quite cliquey, as a last ditch you say.
No, not in the slightest, we welcome everyone,
There’s a lovely team spirit, its hard work but fun.
Between staff and parents, we want to strengthen the link.
Are you interested? Will you join us? What do you think?

If you’re convinced or just curious about what we do each year
Come along to the meetings, there’s more to see and hear
We meet most Wednesdays at the outside school office at 9:15am

Registered Charity Number: 1063295

Please see below our latest letter to parents

HQSA Fundraising Letter – 12.05.16