Sports Premium Funding 2018-19

What is the Primary Sports Premium? This is a Government Grant that must be used to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils so that they develop healthy and active lifestyles.

How much did the school receive?

In 2018-2019, the school received £18,831.

In 2019-2020, the school expects to receive £18,980.

Our core aims for the use of funding are:

  • to ensure high quality sports training and provision in the school day
  • to ensure high quality opportunities for engagement in sport in the extended day facilities
  • to improve enjoyment and engagement from pupils (pupil voice )


1.Extended Schools
  • The school spent £1,800 for a professional coach to do an After school Multi-skills club targeting KS1&KS2 pupils.
  • Professional Coaches came in to run Arsenal Double Club for 30 weeks, where they provided Literacy Resources & Coached Sessions for pupils in Years 5 & 6 from Sept 18 to July 19 @ £1,500.
  • Get Active at breakfast club: Dance and sport activities led by Coach: £3,478

Total Extended Schools Cost = £6,778


2. Swimming Sessions for Pupils in KS2

Although it is a national requirement that children learn to swim a minimum of 50 metres, the arrangement we had with City of London Academy Highbury fell through when they could not provide an instructor.

Total Contribution towards Swimming Sessions = £660. This money was allocated but has not been charged.


3.Professional Development/Other staff costs

An Annual Support Package was purchased (£1,238) to develop teachers planning and delivery of PE lessons in school.

Sports coach £3,482 pa to coach games in the KS2 playground at lunchtimes.

Sports Day and Sports Day training: £1,000

The remaining money (£3,820) contributed to salary costs for specialist PE tuition during curriculum time (Nursery to Year 6).

Total Professional Development/Other Staff Costs = £3,404


4. Network Inter School Sports Competition

Inter school competition in Games (staffing to facilitate for one event per term).

£540 x 3 = £1,620


 Next steps:

  • Monitor attendance at clubs more closely to support evaluation of provision
  • Facilitate more opportunities for tag rugby and netball to make full use of the network competition opportunities
  • Ensure swimming instruction of a high standard
  • Audit and refresh school sports equipment
  • Develop ‘sports ambassadors’ for playtime- children organising their own sporting activity