Rocket Funding For Innovative Technology

We are so close to reaching our target of £1,443! We have raised 90% to date, a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. 

Highbury Quadrant is committed to trialing the latest technology and computing. Islington pupils live close to Tech City/Silicon Roundabout (Old Street) and most job opportunities require digital skills.

We have hosted a code club for several year supported by BT volunteers and the children have visited the top of BT towers and showcased their learning at Islington Computing Events, Emirates stadium.  We also have a core computing and digital curriculum from EYFS to year 6.

Funding innovation and trialling learning with new technology has always been a challenge.  BT donated a set of robotics called Ohbots in 2016 but this kit will be shared with a neighbouring school later this term and we are looking for new projects.

The Code Club and digital leader pupils have researched ideas with lead teachers and decided they would like to raise £1443 to incorporate VR and AR technology at the code club and across the school curriculum. This will enable teachers to bring lessons to life and students to fully immerse themselves in their learning by being virtually transported to a location they are learning about instantaneously. The kit will also allow Green Screen, Film projects and App based learning.

9 Islington schools, as part of a pan London project, are using a fundraising platform called RocketFund, which enables teachers to buy what they think will have the biggest impact on their students’ education, by raising money, connecting with their community and accessing corporate match funding.

What can Parents do?

  • Look at our pitch or
  • Share this project with as many people as possible – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog. (Do you have contacts with business or organizations who might pledge an amount towards this?  The project will acknowledge supporters via a range of communications.
  • We would also really appreciate individual donations, however small. 

Please support us and help make a difference to our students.