Highbury Quadrant Primary School

We know that our school
is more than just a building.

Mrs Terri Higgins | Headteacher

Hello and a warm welcome to Highbury Quadrant Primary School!

I’m Terri Higgins, Headteacher, and I’m thrilled you’ve landed on our website. Stepping through these virtual doors is like peeking into a hive of buzzing curiosity, where young minds explore, imaginations soar, and kindness is the guiding light.

Here at Highbury Quadrant, we believe in high expectations, with hearts full of nurturing support. We challenge our bright young minds to reach for the stars, knowing we’ll catch them if they fall. We celebrate every step they take, big or small, on their unique learning journeys.



Starting primary school is a big event in your child's life. We have included all the information you need to consider when selecting the right school for you and your child..

School Updates

There is a lot going on throughout the year at Highbury Quadrant Primary School.

Working with Parents

At Highbury Quadrant Primary School, we cherish the vital role parents play in our educational journey. Through open communication and collaborative efforts, we strive to create a nurturing environment that supports every child’s growth and success.

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