Hello and a warm welcome to Highbury Quadrant  Primary School! I’m Terri Higgins, Headteacher, and I’m thrilled you’ve landed on our website. Stepping through these virtual doors is like peeking into a hive of buzzing curiosity, where young minds explore, imaginations soar, and kindness is the guiding light.

Here at Highbury Quadrant, we believe in high expectations, with hearts full of nurturing support. We challenge our bright young minds to reach for the stars, knowing we’ll catch them if they fall. We celebrate every step they take, big or small, on their unique learning journeys.

We foster an inclusive environment, where every child feels valued and heard. Our classrooms are vibrant tapestries woven with diverse threads, and each voice adds a precious melody to our school’s harmony.

Empowering our pupils is at the core of everything we do. We provide them with a platform to express their ideas, take ownership of their learning, and lead the way. We see them not just as students, but as budding innovators, changemakers, and compassionate citizens of the future.

So, whether you’re a curious parent looking for the perfect haven for your child, or a fellow educator seeking inspiration, I invite you to explore our vibrant website and get a glimpse into the magic that unfolds within these walls.

We are a school where laughter echoes in the corridors, where creativity spills onto every surface, and where dreams take flight with every “what if?” We believe in the boundless potential of every child, and we’re dedicated to igniting their passion for learning, nurturing their talents, and equipping them with the skills and confidence to embrace a world full of possibilities.

Come, join us on this incredible adventure!

With a smile,

Terri HIggins

Headteacher,Highbury Quadrant Primary School

P.S. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to experience our amazing school firsthand. We’re always happy to welcome visitors!