Before you start, you’ll need:

An email address

If you need help setting up email or using the web, we offer free guidance and training in using your computer and getting online.

Proof of your address

You need to provide one of the following:

  • Your Council Tax reference number (you can find this on your Council Tax bill)
  • A copy of your most recent rent, mortgage statement or tenancy agreement
  • Two documents which show your address, e.g. a utility bill, bank statement, or a letter from your GP, hospital, dentist or optician

Proof that your child lives with you

You also need to provide one of the following:

  • A copy of your most recent child benefit or family tax credit letter, as long as it shows your child’s name and address
  • Two documents from the following:
    • A letter from your child’s GP, dentist, hospital or optician.
    • NHS Medical Card.
    • Child Trust Fund document.
    • The page in your child’s health record book that has their name and address.

All documents must be less than a year old. Documents can be uploaded with your online admissions application. Don’t delay your application, even if you don’t have all the proofs of address that we need – we’ll contact you later with advice on what to do.

How to apply

Apply online via eAdmissions

You need to register first. You’ll then be sent an email giving details of how to start your application. You can do your application in stages. You can change the order of schools listed, and other information as many times as you want before you submit the application.

Once you’re happy with your application, make sure you press ‘Submit’.

The online system checks for errors or missing information.

A reference number is sent to your registered email confirming safe receipt of your application. Please make a note of your username and Application Reference Number as you’ll need them to access your application.

You can reset your password at any time from the login page.