Highbury Quadrant Primary School Creed

This is our school
Let it be a peaceful place
Let our rooms be full of happiness
Let love be all around
Love of each other,
Love of people everywhere,
Love of life and
Faith in our beliefs
We know that our school is more than just a building
Our school is the hearts and minds of us all.
Thank you

Our school is driven by agreed values. We are a school

  • that Is INCLUSIVE – we celebrate diversity and Equality 
  • that has HIGH EXPECTATIONS – in Standards, in Teaching & Learning and in Behaviour
  • that is NURTURING – Well-being is fostered through positive relationships and physical health and fitness and kindness
  • that values TEAMWORK – Collaborative working, supporting each other to achieve our goals
  • where we hold ourselves and each other ACCOUNTABLE  – we honour
  •  our commitments, work closely with our community partners and challenge ourselves to keep improving
  • that is committed to PUPIL EMPOWERMENT – our pupils have opportunities to contribute to decisions about school life, develop skills of  leadership and engage with social and moral issues. Our pupils also learn how to take responsibility for their own learning and progress.