Year 2

Summer Term 2017

Wednesday 19th April 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

This term, Year Two will participate in the key stage 1 national curriculum assessments (commonly called SATs). At Highbury Quadrant, the majority of this work will take place between Monday 15th and Friday 26th May 2017.

In order to provide you with a clear understanding of the process and the content of the assessment, we would like to invite you to a short presentation, on Tuesday 25th April at 9am. It will take approximately half an hour and we will answer any questions you may have.

More information is available on the school website or Gov.Uk.

Information for parents Assessment 2017

What Year 2 are doing in school this term :  Spring 2017

Class 2Q Alacrity and 2H Value

Teachers: Miss Begum and Miss Sweeney

This term’s topic will be ‘Money and the British Pound’. Children will have the opportunity to study the history, design and value of British money over the years. This topic really helps us with our maths learning too!

Other important facts to know:

  • Reading books are changed every Tuesday
  • Please try to read with your child for 10 minutes every evening. Once you have read with them, leave a comment in the home reader record book!
  • Spelling and number facts will be assessed on a Friday. Feedback on the results will be given to your children on the day.
  • Homework will be handed out on Thursday. It must be returned by the following Tuesday.
  • Book Bags must be brought to school every day.
  • Children must arrive at 9am. Any children arriving after 9.10am must report and sign in at the office.

We hope you find this information helpful. Should you need any further assistance please speak to either of us after school to arrange an appointment in order to discuss your child’s individual needs.

We look forward to working with you again, to ensure we all have another fabulous term at Highbury Quadrant Primary School!


This term we will be doing lots of work around:

  • Reading – comprehension skills are a big focus for us this term and we are looking particularly at inference and prediction.
  • Writing – using The Lonely Beast as our guide we will create adventure and quest stories to encourage imaginative writing!
  • We will also look at handwriting, focusing on joining our writing and writing ascending and descending letters correctly.
  • Children will also continue to learn and improve their spellings and phonic knowledge also.

At home you can read every evening with your child and help them to practise their spellings.


This term our focus will be:

  • Timestables; we will be learning the two, three, five and ten timestables.
  • Inverse relationships between addition and subtraction.
  • Estimation and rounding to the nearest ten.
  • Word problems, particularly involving multiplication and division.
  • Revising how to draw and use a number line.
  • Fractions: exploring equivalent fractions.
  • Direction and orientation; exploring the points of the compass and turning clockwise.
  • We will also continue to practice and consolidate our learning from Term One.

At home you can continue to practise timestables. You can also explore direction with them, asking them to turn right, left or turn to the north, east etc. The children really enjoy this topic, especially when it is incorporated into games!


We will be learning about Food Chains. We will explore:

  •  Animals; herbivore, carnivore and omnivore.
  • What different animals eat and how their habitats provide food for them all.
  • We will look at different food chains in different habitats.

At home you can talk about food chains with your child. For example ‘Where do animals get their food? What does a fox eat? What does a fish eat?’ Etc.  These questions really encourage children’s’ thinking as they explore the world around them.

Topic, including History/Geography

This term your child will be learning about ‘Money and the British Pound’. Through this topic they will

  • Explore the different coins and notes in use.
  • Explore the history of the pound from its first introduction.
  • Explore the geography associated with the pound; which countries use the pound and why?
  • Examine the artwork of the pound. We will ask what the different symbols mean and who the people represented are. We will explore why these particular people were chosen as representatives.

At home you can show children different examples of pounds and pence. Let them play with the coins and find the totals etc. You can also ask the children for help in the supermarket to gather the correct amount for the cashier!


This term your child will have weekly computing sessions in which they will:

  • Learn how to log on to our system independently.
  • Use software packages to research and present information.
  • Practise and consolidate our learning using our structured and directed educational games.

If you have internet access at home you can show children a variety of interesting children’s websites, including and .


This term we will be exploring:

Different festival and events that exist in our community, including:

  • Chinese New Year – Buddhist
  • Holi – Hinduism
  • Easter- Christianity.


  • We will be continuing to explore friendship and how to be a good listener.
  • ‘Medicines and Me’; what medicine is for and how medicines should be administered.

Art and Design

  • With our Art Specialist, the children will explore techniques of colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.
  • They will also experiment with light and dark and day and night.

Music  Children will continue to explore tuned and untuned instruments musically. They will listen to and understand live and recorded music and make and combine different sounds.

In Spanish

  • Your child will continue learning words and phrases in Spanish including number, colours and greetings. They should be able to talk about some of the aspects of their home lives and what they do in their spare time.


  • Year 2 will continue to have PE on Mondays. Children MUST have a full PE kit every Monday. In Term Two children will participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending.

Finally, thank you again for all your support and help last term! We look forward to progressing with our learning in 2017!

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